Two Software Licenses:  Domain and Visitor

Put your brand on a great real estate calculator and give it away to promote yourself!

When you purchase your own custom-made web site calculator you receive two licenses.

The first is a domain license which grants your company permission to install a custom-made web site calculator on a particular domain.  The second license is the Visitor License (or "EULA") which governs the use of the calculator by the individuals who use the software on your web site.  This is a simple license which must be displayed on the web page where your custom-made calculator is installed..

Please read these licenses.  Links to the full text of both licenses are provided below.  If you have questions about specific terms of these licenses, please feel encouraged to use our contact form and ask for clarification.

CustomCalcs™ Software Licenses

Domain License - permits you to install the custom-designed calculator on a web site.
Visitor License - must be displayed for those who use the web site calculator