How to Order the Website Calculator YOU Designed

Our goal is to create a calculator you will be excited to have on your web site!

CustomCalcs™ is not about "off the shelf" or "out of the box", ready made web site calculators.

Simply stated, we take a spreadsheet you design and turn it into a web page calculator that you can publish on your website.  After you upload the web page to your website, your visitors can use your calculator on your website.  It's that easy!

What if I do not already have a spreadsheet?

Quick Start

1.  Create your calculator with Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.
2.  Attach it to an email message.
3.  Send the email to:
4.  We'll review the spreadsheet and respond.

Your Custom Web Site Calculator, Step-by-Step

The software development process is simple:

1.  You send us a spreadsheet model of your calculator and certify it is a spreadsheet you created, own or have licensed. Usually this spreadsheet will be a single Excel® or OpenOffice® file that does the calculations you wish for your website calculator.

2.  We will review your spreadsheet, visit your web site so we can see its design, and ask questions to clarify anything we don't understand about the spreadsheet or your website design.

3.  After reviewing the spreadsheet, we will tell you if the calculator is simple ($250) or complex enough to require an hourly fee and we will tell you the cost.  We will provide a payment link and begin working on your calculator. Rarely, a spreadsheet model will call for a web-based database application. If your spreadsheet is too complicated for conversion into an online calculator, we will inform you.

4.  After your payment is received, and your custom website calculator is completed, we will send you a link to the calculator on our development web site for you to test. We will ask for your feedback. Remember, our goal is to create a web site calculator you will be proud of.

5.  Once you have provided your feedback, the requested changes will be implemented.  Then another test version will be posted to our development website for your feedback.

6.  This test-feedback-test-feedback process will continue until the web site calculator is as you wish it to be.  Once you have accept the calculator, we will send it to you by email or ftp download with complete installation instructions! The license you acquire for the CustomCalcs™ calculator we create for you will allow installation on a single web domain.

License Fees

CustomCalcs™ web site calculators are extremely affordable and cost-effective.  Simple calculators cost only $250 USD. More complicated calculators may be purchased for a fee of only $100 USD per hour.

* Prices and features subject to change without notice.

Now is the Time to Order Yours!

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