Custom Web Calculators for Real Estate Web Sites

CustomCalcs™ can turn your real estate spreadsheet into a calculator for your web site.

People return to useful web sites.  Give visitors a tool that meets their needs and you will make your site important. Do you have a spreadsheet designed for your local market? CustomCalcs can turn it into an online calculator you can add to your web site!

In a tough real estate market every positive feature you add to your website can make a difference.  Add one or more custom-designed web site calculators to the mix of your web-related resources.

CustomCalcs™ gives you something unique!  Our web calculators are custom designed, based on the spreadsheet model you provide, and are configured to match your web site.

Your custom designed website calculator can be wrapped into your own web page displaying your graphics, logo and contact information.  Or, you can use it as a popup calculator easily accessed from every page of your web site.

Give your visitors the tool they need to crunch the numbers related their real estate transactions!  Promote yourself while you give home buyers a great way to "play with the numbers" on your web site.


CustomCalcs™ web site calculators are extremely affordable and cost-effective.  Simple calculators cost only $250 USD. More complicated calculators may be purchased for a fee of only $100 USD per hour.

* Prices and features subject to change without notice.

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