From Spreadsheet to Web Calculator

Add an Online Calculator to Your Website

Give your visitors the freedom to do their own calculations without leaving your website. Real estate web sites, automobile and boat sale sites, lending and financial services sites are examples of web sites that benefit from custom-designed web calculators. Online calculators created by CustomCalcs™ are uniquely based on your requirements and design.

The CustomCalcs development process begins when you submit a spreadsheet which performs the calculations you wish to add to your site. CustomCalcs will create an initial proof version of the calculator and ask for your feedback. A simple development, testing, feedback process occurs until the calculator is as desired.

A Web Calculator Based on Your Spreadsheet Promotes Your Business!

It's a tough economy and every positive feature you add to your website makes a difference..  Adding custom-designed online calculators to the mix of your other web-related resources helps your site capture your visitors' attention longer.

Your custom designed website calculator can be embedded into your own web page so that it displays your graphics and contact information.  You can also offer it as a popup calculator from any web page.

Give your visitors the online tools they need to play with their own numbers.  Promote yourself while you give home buyers a great way to "play with their own numbers!" on your website.


CustomCalcs™ web calculators are affordable and cost-effective.  Basic calculators cost only $250 USD. Complex calculators may be purchased for a fee of only $100 USD per hour.

* Prices and features subject to change without notice.

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