It Begins with YOUR Spreadsheet!

Do you need a custom calculators for your web site?  Do you have a spreadsheet you would love to turn into an online calculator?  Do you want a unique web site calculator you can't find anywhere else?  Design your own web site calculator!

Create your own calculator with a spreadsheet and CustomCalcs™ will turn it into a unique calculator you can install on your site!

From your spreadsheet . . .

custom spreadsheet

to an online calculator for YOUR web site!

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Design the Unique Calculator You've Always Wanted for Your Web site

Ready-made web site calculators are available from many different software firms.  (Of course we're biased, but we do think MoneyToys™ and offer some great "off the shelf" packages.)

However, ready-made calculators have one common drawback:  they are designed for everybody.  By design, they are generic, one size fits all calculators.  And if your visitors have seen one, they have seen them all.

It doesn't have to be that way!

CustomCalcs™ offers you something unique!  Our web-based calculators are custom designed, are based on the spreadsheet models our customers provide, are configured to match our customers' web sites and they do the math our customers want their web site visitors to do without leaving their web site!

Build Your Web Site Traffic

What makes a site "sticky" and keeps visitors' attention?  A useful tool that gives them reason to remain. You know what your visitors are interested in doing.  Create a spreadsheet and CustomCalcs™ will turn it into a unique online calculator for your web site!

It's simple.  One secret to generating traffic to a web site is similar to the way traffic is generated in the real, brick and mortar world.  People frequent web sites where they get their needs met.

Meet Your Web Site Visitors' Unique Needs!

You know your website visitors.  If your web site offers visitors something unique, something designed to meet their specific needs during their visit, your visitors will remember your web site.  The more helpful and focused your web site's calculator is, the more valuable your site becomes.  Every time a client visits your web site to do their financial calculations, you have another chance to meet their needs!

How Does it Work?

You design the calculator you want, send us the spreadsheet and we'll turn it into a unique calculator for your web site. Learn how to order your own custom web site calculator!

Your custom designed web site calculator will calculate as you design it, match the style of your web site, and give visitors reason to return.  Gain an edge for your web site while you provide your clients with a great way to "play with their own numbers!"

How Much do Custom Web Site Calculators Cost?

CustomCalcs™ web site calculators are extremely affordable and cost-effective.  Simple calculators cost only $250 USD.  More complicated calculators may be purchased for a fee of only $100 USD per hour.

* Prices and features subject to change without notice.

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About CustomCalcs™

CustomCalcs™ is the custom software division of Horizon Interactive, LLC.  We design and develop custom financial software for banks, investment firms, mortgage brokerages, financial publishers, residential and commercial real estate firms and even other software companies that use our financial calculators for promotional purposes.